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Industry Activities 

A-stainless International- Groundbreaking Milled Point Screws
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     For over 20 years, A-stainless has been a developer and exporter of special wood screws, industrial SEMS screws and construction self-drilling screws. It can manufacture IFI/DIN/ISO/JIS/BSW-compliant standard products as well as customized products as per drawings. Developing patented products that are time-saving and handy with powerful functions makes the greatest characteristic that clients remember of A-stainless. This screw developer rolled up its sleeves again for a makeover and rolled out high-performance and labor-saving Milled Point Screws.
High Strength Screws Dedicated to Thick Iron Plate Fastening
     Milled Point Screws are a new product designed for fastening thick iron plates. Exceptional performance is evident particularly on #4 and #5 milled drill points as compared to conventional forged point screws. This new product delivers stable drive speed, strong drill-through and less effort consumed in construction, suited to be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. In a test to fasten a 12mm iron plate, a conventional forged point screw took about 8 to 16 seconds to complete while an A-stainless Milled Point Screw only took around 8 to 9 seconds and saved a great deal of operation time.
     Forged point screws have been plagued by unstable drive speed and drill-through performance that increase invisible construction costs. To take away clients’ pain points, the company worked on developing Milled Point Screws, which actually are not from an utterly new concept. Before forged point screws had gone widespread, all self-drilling screws were milled on their tips, but milling the tips brought a high production cost and failed to make for steady and high-speed mass-production. That’s why milled point screws were replaced by forged point screws. A-stainless started from the existing structure of milled point screws and worked out an upgrade, while collaborating with an equipment manufacturer on developing machines to steadily mass-produce the new milled point screws with quality and efficiency.
Expanding Sales in Europe and Providing Patented Products
     A-stainless sells products to the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. In 2021 its sales grew nearly 70% in the U.S., but Europe was the gap to be filled. Given that EU already revoked the anti-dumping tax on Taiwan, the company has to put the focus on Europe and seeks to lift revenue proportion from Europe to 30%. The company is focused on chipboard screws, terrace screws, decking screws and other construction and furniture screws. Besides standard products, it successfully developed dozens of patented products with great functions and low drive torque, including square-thread screws, double-thread screws, and triple-thread screws to provide European clients with more diverse options. Additionally, it has acquired ISO 9001 and CE (EN14592 & EN14566) certificates.
     From materials check to first article inspection, in-production check, QC round check and pre-shipment check of the final products, the company strictly monitors the process to ensure standard-compliant quality.
New Plant to Launch in 2024
     A-stainless purchased a land in Luzhu District of Kaohsiung City for a new plant slated for construction this yearend and a production launch in the third quarter. The company will add multi-stroke machines to drive up R&D capabilities and increase production capacity in response to a growing number of clients and orders, in order to offer clients more diverse products.
“From our decades of effort in researching screws, we hope to offer clients products with great quality and functions and tackle their pain points regarding product use. European clients have high requirements for products and service, so we’d like to take this opportunity to let them know us more, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve more European clients.”
Contact: General Manager Asser Liu   
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