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(Japan) Tange Products Rolls out High Grip Insert Nut
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     Insert nuts are used to fasten screws and bolts into resin products. The High Grip Insert Nut by Tange Products increases the area of contact with resin and therefore doesn't easily come off from resin. A major feature is that the company makes the surface of High Grip Insert Nuts uneven only by means of stamping, which makes it easier to mass-produce High Grip Insert Nuts than machined insert nuts. The Nut has 200% to 300% more pull-out strength and greatly improves rotational torque. It is made of cod-rolled steel plates and it is toxin-free, cheap and can be used in the automotive and electrical engineering industries. Currently the company offers M4, M5 and M6 sizes and expects to sell 500 thousand pieces per month a year later.
Japan Tange Products
high grip insert nut
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