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Industry Activities 

EU Patent Acquired- Guang Zhe Enterprise’s Breakthrough in R&D
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     Innovation means to take a harsh path that is yet to be traveled by anyone, and by doing so to create exclusive products that are difficult for others to follow suit. That is what President and developer Mr. Fu-Cheng Su has been doing for many years. Several years in the making eventually yields result. He made an announcement via Fastener World Magazine no sooner than his industry-first patented collated washer paper tapes came out. He was quick in developing and now, he has made another huge progress.
Refined Washers are Now EU Patented;
Mass Production of Auto Paper Tape Assembling Machine Starts mid-2023
     Guang Zhe’s paper tapes are a unique entrant in the market, a breakthrough to breach the bottlenecks in plastic material, hex washer head screw's large head diameters, and assembling washers using tapes. His paper tapes can resist 200°C high temperature for up to 30 minutes and therefore can be color-painted. They are water-proof, recyclable and resist -20°C low temperature. They can disintegrate in soils without contaminating the environment. They have been patented in Taiwan, the U.S. and Japan. Specifically, the refined washers on the paper tapes is his delicate design of craftsmanship, and right now he has acquired an EU patent for these washers.
     The EU has stipulated to ban one-time use of plastic products, and the awareness for environmental protection is growing worldwide, so the market is seeking alternatives to plastic tapes. Guang Zhe’s paper tapes are eco-friendly. They resist humidity and heat, saving time and labor. Utilizing special paper materials, they are strong and can be color-painted to meet buyers’ needs for convenient use and better visual appearance. They are the perfect solution to replacing plastic tapes. Besides, tests show that using the paper tapes with hex washer head screws (lengths: 25~50mm; across flats: 6.3mm and 7.9mm) delivers high stability during continuous fastening as well as consistent high quality in operation.
     Furthermore, the auto paper tape assembling machine that he developed can assemble washers, screws and his paper tapes together. This machine has completed simulation lately and he expects to be able to mass-produce it as soon as mid-2023.
Exclusive Screw-feeding Mechanism
     That’s only a part of his inventions. He also developed a dedicated screw-feeding mechanism and a patented socket that can be easily mounted on power tools to use the paper tapes. He also designed an extended connecting bar with one side mounted to the screw-feeding mechanism and the other mounted to the power tools. Customers don’t have to bend down to fasten washer-assembled screws onto the workpiece through the paper tapes. Operation in combination of hex head washer screws, patented washers, paper tapes and the screw-feeding mechanism will save 50% labor, 60% operation time, and over 13% materials.
Locked on Environmental Protection, Carbon Reduction and U.S./Europe Markets
     He has been running this company in Kaohsiung City for over a decade. He started as an OEM for the fastener industry, with service including assembling, packaging, and delicate small packages, and he would never allow discoloring on any labels he did for clients. It is the trivial things like this labeling service that tells us his personal traits—he pursues extreme top quality, and low-price competition is never his thing. “OEMs should be proud. What's most important is to build your own brand.” The patented collated washer paper tape series are the latest work representing his brand. They are available for global purchase and will first target Europe. Locked on the opportunities from environmental protection, he is convinced his ground-breaking paper tapes are the right thing for the next generation.
Contact: President Fu-Cheng Su
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