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Industry Activities 

JOKER INDUSTRIAL Full-range ETA Seismic C1&C2 Approval Anchor Bolt
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Debut in European Trade Shows!
     Joker Industrial is an industry-leading anchor bolt developer and designer, featuring one-stop solution service ranging from order taking, design to manufacturing. Their expertise lies in their understanding of different environments and regulations in different countries, which allows them to design customized anchor bolts for clients. They have a lab to provide test data, and welcome customers with special design requests or those who can develop products together to create one-of-a-kind anchor bolts. At Fastener Fair Global, they will introduce a new product to replace conventional anchor bolts, and here, Fastener World brings to you all the details.
Top-level ETA-C2 Certification
Anti-vibration Cement Threaded Anchor Bolt
     The company is full-on with the investment in acquiring a C2 certificate, and their M8, 10, 12, 14 cement anchors will get the certificate before the Stuttgart show. Cement comes in different materials and different countries use different materials. Plus, cement contains impurities such as stones, quartz, lime, rebar, etc. Therefore, this type of anchor bolt takes a patented triple thread structure, in which the high and low threads can deal with various types of materials and impurities. In other words, it is a "universal" anchor bolt used in different cement environments in different countries. In addition, the special grooves on the tip save strength for users. What's more, according to the ETA document, its load capacity is more than double the industry level. It will require less of this anchor bolt to create enough load capacity on the same cement plate, reducing carbon emission and protecting the environment. In addition to the existing carbon steel anchor bolt, they will launch a stainless steel bi-metal anchor bolt with the same structural design in March 2023, which will have the same strong performance as the carbon steel counterpart according to the test data by the lab.
Exclusive: Automated Fastener Mass Production Equipment
     When a customer requires a special fastener, they can develop automated mass production equipment specifically for that, and use the equipment to mass-produce for the customer. A general mass-production machine cannot be applied to the special fasteners specified by customers, but Joker Industrial can make their own tailored machine to produce special fasteners for customers, which is a core highly-proficient R&D capability owned by them. Each unit of their manpower can produce more units of product for customers, resulting in shorter lead time and offering the most reasonably priced products.
Diverse Products: Construction Hardware Parts & Automotive Fasteners
     Their future will go beyond anchor bolts and include automotive fasteners. As of this writing in December 2022, they have passed IATF 16949 audit and will get the certificate in January 2023. Their future potential is not to be underestimated.
Market Prospects for 2023
     Product manager Ryan Huang visited many European customers when he exhibited in Fastener Fair Italy in 2022. He told Fastener World that the Europeans predict the market will start to revitalize during the third quarter of 2023 and 2024. The economic recession, natural gas crisis and electricity price issues have lifted prices in Europe by several folds. Not only Taiwan manufacturers, but also European manufacturers are met with outstanding, delayed or deferred payment and other payment-related issues.
Although the outlook is not optimistic enough, he believes it’s just that the good times haven’t got here, and he will stay with customers to get over the difficulties. In 2023 they will push forward a full-range digitalization (MES) initiative, manufacturing process optimization and training sessions, and leap to new heights when global demand returns.
Contact: Product Manager Ryan Huang        
Joker Industrial
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