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Patented “Pangolin” + “Sandstorm” Screws- Multi-functional & Speed Performance Up 45%
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     With high quality and reasonable price, Masterpiece Hardware Industrial supplies self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, concrete screws, drywall screws, wood screws, expansion screws and drives 20% sales growth every year. The key to their success is that their president takes pleasure in product development and comes up with game-changing screw designs that define their irreplaceability. They have launched two patented products. Read on as Fastener World gives you an insider’s look at these products’ design.
Fit-For-All Pangolin Screw
     The company’s naming of featured products is ingenious and always intriguing. This screw is named for pangolins' characteristic of being great at digging holes in the earth, and its threaded section has the apparent high threads with three grooves and a scale-like appearance, which is much similar to the features of pangolins' appearance. It is an all-round screw, mainly for multi-purpose use, and can be used on cement (work load 120kg, 250lbs), bricks, soft and hardwood (work load 70kg, 150lbs), and plasterboards. Just remember that it is a fit-for-all screw like a pangolin that can go in and out smoothly, freely and with agile.
Blazing-Fast Sandstorm Screw
     Sandstorm Screw has a special design, including the underhead pocket, the slanted spirals on the shank, and the grooves on the threaded portion. There is even a large area of cut-out surface which gives Sandstorm Screw an aggressive look. The company explained that the grooves on high-low threads and the jagged design allow to effectively cut wood fibers when fastening the wood. As the screw pushes into the wood, the wood fibers break into powder-like matters. You can see during the fastening, wood powder is ejected out along the grooves and the screw drills through the wood with a rapid process, just like a raging scene of sandstorm comes. So it is named for its state of use. Used on various wood structures, it saves 45% of fastening time and reduces resistance by 20%. Just remember that sandstorm screws can be fast, efficient, labor-saving, and finishes fastening perfectly.
Extra Scoop: Patented Streak Anchor
     The self-drilling threads on the front of the Streak Anchor can drill into plasterboards quickly, and the resulting debris is discharged through the striped grooves on the shaft. When a screw drives into the Streak Anchor and reaches the pre-determined fastening result, Streak Anchor will crack along the lightning-shaped gap and support the back of the plasterboard. Consumers can tell that the anchor has transformed and completed its mission by the sound of a crack. In addition to the crack and stripe design, the fastening action is as fast as lightning, and the sound upon finishing installation is as loud as a thunder to remind consumers, so Streak Anchor is named to be intriguing and for its useful performance. (“Streak” denotes lightning and stripes.) The extra 20% work load (range: 25~35kg, 60~80lbs) makes it safer for consumers to use.
Production Line Integrated with Smart Production
     In response to Industry 4.0, the company is steadily advancing the upgrade through AI, smart manufacturing and automation. In addition to the continuous integration of data with ERP and other software and hardware, they have also set up electronic signage at the workplace, linked up information from each workstation and now provide real-time alert through the warning system on the equipment, so that operators can quickly troubleshoot abnormalities and review their own work progress and efficiency.
They have taken into consideration environmental protection and carbon reduction measures when designing the smart factory, including the recycling of lubricating oil and recycling of oil and gas to reduce pollution and waste in the manufacturing process. Not only because of the needs of customers, but also because of the fact that we are all part of the Earth. As an enterprise, Masterpiece Hardware Industrial has the obligation to follow international environment protection standards in their business operation, and seek improvement for most suitable carbon reduction solutions. In addition to continuously observing their carbon emissions, they have set up a task force to collect information and formulate response plans.
     Utilizing patents and smart manufacturing, they break from the shackles of conventions in the fastener market and provide customers with cutting-edge and modern products!
Contact: Ms. Carina Chen, assistant manager
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