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Industry Activities 

One of Taiwan's Top 10, JAU YEOU INDUSTRY Expands Sales in Europe
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     A major manufacturer of low carbon steel small screws, Jau Yeou has also been listed among the top ten screw companies in Taiwan for several times. The revenue in 2021 grew 20.5% to NT$3.3 billion, of which Europe already accounts for 60%. With this growth momentum and the reopening of the market, they are expanding sales in Europe in 2023, and their critical stop is Fastener Fair Global (Stuttgart). This is the largest fastener exhibition they have participated in since the travel restrictions in 2020. They want to discover new potential customers in Europe with stable quality and delivery, as well as product customization services.
Looking for Construction and Automotive Fastener Buyers
     They will exhibit construction and automotive fasteners at the Stuttgart show. In addition to promoting long screws and drywall screws, they will also include welding screws. At least 15 types have been developed and mass-produced. Due to mastering the forming technology of solder joints (rings), they have good quality. Furthermore, they revealed to Fastener World that their composite screws are being developed and prototypes have been successfully made. They also purchased many machines to meet the demand for collated screws. In automotive fasteners, the main focus is on interior parts and welding screws. "Most of our interior parts are small screws, such as thread forming screws, tapping screws, and trilobular thread screws, which are in line with our construction parts expertise in which we have experience for more than 40 years. The source of materials is Taiwan CSC, and the quality is stable,” said the company.
     The company has always been adhering to the principle of "Doing it right the first time, ensuring quality and improving efficiency", responding to the requirements of European industrial, automotive and high-end industries. They have technical personnel education and training, and through double supervision to meet customer needs.
Positive Prospect for JYR Aviation Components
     According to Jau Yeou, since the fourth quarter of 2021, clients’ demand for the products of their subsidiary JYR Aviation Components has increased, bringing a turnover in 2022 up 105% from 2021, and has recovered up to 90% of the 2019 level. At present, it seems that the demand of international aerospace industry continues to grow. Due to global supply chain issues, as well as labor shortages, lack of production capacity, and loss of technical personnel, major international manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus predict that the problem will not be alleviated until the second quarter of 2023. The war between Russia and Ukraine has caused soaring prices of raw materials and prolonged lead time. Although it has affected the aerospace industry, the prospect is still promising.
Key Words: Capacity Expansion & Carbon Reduction Certification
     After the shipping congestion in 2020 and the subsequent overwhelming orders, Jau Yeou has experienced tight production capacity and inventory. In order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure stable delivery, they will expand their capacity and warehouse space in the future. The top two markets of Jau Yeou are Europe and America. Since Europe will start the carbon footprint audit process in 2023, and the United States will start the same process as soon as 2024, Jau Yeou is working with the government to obtain relevant certification as soon as possible in accordance with the needs of customers.
     They observed Poland and Italy shows that the momentum of the fastener industry's recovery after the Pandemic should not be underestimated. In addition to the developed Western European market, the post-Brexit UK, Eastern Europe with rapid industrial development and countries that have experienced post-war conflicts are all potential markets.
Contact: Ms. Emmi Lin   
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