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Industry Activities 

Deep Dive into “3Q-Net”, A Game-changer by Sunco Industries
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     Continuing from my special interview with SUNCO Industries in September 2022, I touched on their big move to provide full English support for customers worldwide. A part of that achievement is their “3Q-Net”, an online all-in-one catalog system, a.k.a platform, dubbed as the game-changer to sweep the world.
     So what is 3Q-Net? If that is what you’re thinking, I have an exclusive scoop for global customers seeking all sorts of top quality fasteners straight from Japan and available for next-day delivery.
The Nuts and Bolts of “3Q-Net”
     SUNCO Industries is known for 3 mascot penguins they put into their logo and ads. The penguins are symbolized into the alphabet “Q”, and hence “3Q” to denote Quality, Quick and Quest. “3Q-Net” is a catalog platform covering 1 million fastener items. It means they have every Japan-made fastener types— a feature exclusive to Sunco Industries only— and they support from inquiry to product search, inventory check, reference price, drawing and 360° rotatable photo display, and order placement in USD or JPY. It’s an ultimate genuine one-stop purchase source.
     “For those of you struggling with finding which fastener fits your specific need, we’ve made the search extremely easy, which is the game-changing part of our platform. We put our experience and know-how into it. If you want business expansion or if you are not well versed in fasteners (JIS, Metric, branded products), you’ve come to the right place,” said the company. 3Q-Net provides on-demand supply, stable routes and service. “If you want to sell your products to Japanese companies or want to expand business with special Japanese-branded fasteners. This is for you.” They are evolving 3Q-Net by adding credit card and Paypal support for utmost purchase convenience.
Product in Spotlight: Demon Blade PIAS
     This is a product co-developed between SUNCO Industries and a Japanese manufacturer. You can drive it in with a common Phillips bit and it doesn’t require specialized tools. It delivers amazing corrosion resistance (through 2000 hours of salt spray test). The special cutting blade at the tip cuts SUS steel plates up to t=3.0 like a breeze without having to drill a hole beneath.
The Next for Sunco Industries
      “We’re pretty confident that we will have increased inquires from the U.S. and Europe, but there are still someone out there not knowing us. We strive to be globally known as the Japanese top fastener distributor. Located in eastern Osaka with the most fastener production in Japan, we’re proud of our image processing technology that allows for precise and high-speed shipping from stock. We gained know-how in export from our logistics centers and trade regulations, so we’re building a problem-free purchase system for the world.”
     SUNCO Industries is envisioning an increase in market demand throughout 2023 because supply chain restructuring is now the topic of the world. With depreciating JPY against USD, they suggest that purchase in USD now gets the best deal. A starter kit containing catalogs is offered for free for those making an inquiry.
Contact: Mr. Tomokazu Takada
Sunco Industries
Japanese nuts and bolts
Demon Blade PIAS
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