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EXCEL COMPONENTS MFG., a Must-have Partner on European Carmakers' Purchase List
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Multi-certificate and Customer Trust
     If European automakers and related companies are looking for a reliable source of purchase, Taiwan-based Excel Components Mfg. is one of the top choices. Established in 1978, this precision machining specialist has a long history of nearly 45 years of sales to more than 50 countries. In addition to their long experience in the industrial field, they have made many investments and structural improvements in the automotive field. The final result is that they have obtained many international certificates, including IATF 16949:2016 preferred by the automotive supply chain that they acquired 2021, as well as RoHS and REACH certificates for European environmental requirements, and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. They are qualified for the APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning) standard and can provide PPAP and IMDS. This suffices to say they continuously update their production processes to meet the stringent European quality as well as environmental and cleanliness requirements. European companies can take them as a must-visit sourcing target.
Featured Product for the Exhibition: Customized Non-standard Parts
     In 2023, they will be back at Fastener Fair Global. This time, they will showcase customized non-standard parts, because customized production is their strength. Through the aforementioned APQP standard process, they can provide customers with product design and development services that meet the high-quality requirements of Europe and provide evaluation, feedback, and corrective mechanisms, together with the development of new products that customers really need. The company said their products can be used in a variety of industries, such as machinery, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, drones, etc. Customized products can be produced according to customer designs.
High Quality and Competitive Price
     In particular, the company pointed out that they have CNC turning and milling machines for all kinds of plating and heat treatment, providing deep hole drilling, surface machining, long workpiece machining, and complete inspection equipment with optical sorting machines for final inspection to achieve higher quality. They use graphic measuring equipment from Keyence, telecentric visual measuring instruments, salt spraying machines, hardness/roughness testing machines, gauges, 2.5D projectors, coating thickness machines, etc. to check the products for European customers.
     They said they have their own factory to reduce the cost to the lowest and provide competitive prices, along with strict control and complete inspection equipment, to provide customers with the best quality and diversified products, including automotive fasteners, cotter pins, tire studs, bleeder screws, and other non-fastener automotive parts, which can meet the needs of the European automotive supply chain from a single source.
Up to 50% Export to Europe
     They are a 100% export company, of which 30% are sold to the US, 30% to Sweden, 20% to Germany, and 20% to other countries. You will notice that they sell up to 50% of their products to Europe. By exhibiting at Fastener Fair Global, they say they are looking forward to adding new customers and developing a customer base in different industries. At this show, European customers can take advantage of the opportunity to explore business opportunities with them.
     Looking to the future, the company says that diversifying their customer base across industries is their focus and goal and that they look forward to producing a wide range of products. In 2023, when the global market opens, they will have new business opportunities in Europe to look forward to.
Contact: Sales Manager Daisy Su   
Excel Components Mfg.
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