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Kinefac® U.S. Leading Metal Forming Machine Tools
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     Kinefac® Corporation is a USA-based precision machine tool manufacturer recognized as a world leader in metal forming technology. Since 1962 the ISO 9001:2015 company has continued to build its reputation of technical leadership in cylindrical die thread and form rolling. Kinefac machine tools can be found on all continents of the globe, including Antarctica, producing diverse precision parts and components for global industries making everything from high-precision threaded fasteners for automotive and aerospace applications to micro-sized spring coils for medical device applications.
     The Kinefac POWERBOX KINEROLLERTM product line of cylindrical die thread and form rolling machinery is designed for infeed, throughfeed, and incremental cold rolling of threads, knurls, serrations, and grooves on fastener components. Available in vertical and horizontal rolling axis with die load capacities from 111kN to 2,935 kN. Hex bolts, machine screws, socket head cap screws, wood screws, and construction anchor bolts are suited for these machines. Warm rolling systems are also available for high strength alloys.
     POWERBOX KINEROLLERTM features high stiffness frames for maximum rolling process stability, double-acting spindles with self-centering work centerline for simplified part handling, precision spindle slide systems for maximum guided stability in the taper and skew planes, single-point size adjustment for accurate and precise size control, independent spindle taper adjustment for symmetric die force distribution, and independent spindle inclination adjustment for optimized tilt angle setting.
     Kinefac® CNC system option reduces setup time and improves part quality consistency. KINEFORM cylindrical rolling dies are available in standard and custom thread geometries in various high-performance materials and coatings for a variety of machinery manufacturers.
     Kinefac® RP-10 KINECRIMPTM is designed for multi-point radial crimping operations on hex/multi-point/collared nuts and similar configurations. These servo electric machines are available in vertical and horizontal axis with crimp load capacities up to 110 kN. Quick change tooling allows for fast setup of 2, 3, 4-point crimps in the standard die carrier. Other crimp configurations are available on request. Force and position control options are used for the most sensitive thin wall crimping operations. A servo part stop ensures the crimp points are accurately positioned on each nut.
     Kinefac® POWERBOX KINEROLLERTM machines and RP-10 KINECRIMPTM machines are available with various automatic part handling systems are also available ranging from simple manual load operations to vibratory bowl loading, robot loading, and pick & pick place loading. In line gaging and inspection is also offered. The company recently added additional temperature-controlled die grinding capacity with the latest multi-axis grinding machines to increase precision and productivity. Difficult part geometries, high strength exotic materials, and tightening tolerances are constantly pushing the limits of their expertise.
Contact: Jean Allain, VP of Sales      
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