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Model / Specification
Sissy Anchor
Country of Origin
Surface Treatment
Sissy Anchor
Sissy Anchor
Sissy Anchor
Sissy Anchor
Head Marking
Sissy Anchor
Minimum Order Quantity
Sissy Anchor
Detailed Description
-No tension force while fastening, which means have short distance between anchor to anchor to the edge.
-No special tools needed: End users could easily find the tools you need in warehouse. Drill Bit, Driller, electric or pneumatic wrench and hexagon impact driver socket depends on the anchor sizes.
-No dust cleaning. Almost 90% of the metal anchors on the market need to clean the cutting dust before installing. SISSY saves the expensive labor cost.
-Go-through thread design:
Flexible for user to adjust the thread rod easily. Import for Quick –Lock.
-With hexagon entry:
Thread rod would be easily inserted by guiding.
-Triple high –low thread design:
Provides better fastened ability to base material with higher loading and anti-loosing while vibration. Applicable to wide base material from solid wood, bricks, to C20/25- C50-60 concrete.
-Reusable, Removable within just seconds.
-Fire proof, 500,1000,2000 SST high corrosion resistance.
-Most sensational part: Setting depth is optional for end users. While higher pull-out loading needed, just fasten the anchor deeper to get higher loading.
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