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Great at Customizing- WYSER INTERNATIONAL Has High Expectations for Europe
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     Wyser is a specialized exporter and trader of automotive fasteners and OEM special fasteners. They had just announced relocating to the new headquarters in Rende District of Tainan City, Taiwan in 2021. Fastener World's camera had revealed the headquarters’ modern white and Japanese-style interior design with solar panels on the rooftop. Soon, Wyser will kick-start an overseas sales campaign in spring 2023 in the European market for opportunities brought by Fastener Fair Global in Stuttgart.
Over 30% Sales from Europe
“We Want More European Clients to See Wyser”
     “We mostly sell to North America and Europe. Europe represents 35% of our revenues, so this shows how much we care about the European market. We will be showcasing customized products including screws, bolts, nuts, punched parts, cast parts, machined parts, wire forms, tubings and spacers that we supply to automakers and other OEM industrial markets,” said President Thomas Kan.
     The great thing about this reputable fastener trader in southern Taiwan is that their products are developed and tailored to clients’ demand. “We look forward to working with specialized distributors, and we are glad to help them know about our products and distribute them to various industries,” said Thomas. Anyone who would like to purchase high quality fasteners from Wyser are welcome to find new possibilities. “The reason that we attend this show is to have a look around of the local market and visit old friends. We don’t have a set target. We just want to promote our service and Europe will see us and quality products proudly manufactured in Taiwan,” explained Thomas.
Thomas: “We’ve Been Striving to Meet High European Quality”
     EU has been updating quality regulations and adding complicated requirements. To cope with it, Wyser has automated optical sorting equipment coupled with manual inspection to check final products. There is the addition of QC unit and equipment, including coordinate measuring machines, salt spray testers, roughness/flatness/hardness testers, torsional strength testers, plating thickness testers, gages and optical comparators. Layers of check ensures meeting requests made by European clients. “We have a complete lineup of inspection equipment, 10 specialized product quality engineers and inspection personnel. We have very good reputation in quality,” said Thomas. Wyser has had support from loyal clients for the past 30 years. Even in the global recession last year, Thomas still made sales growth. Over 90% of orders coming from high-end American and European markets proves Wyser’s service are trusted overseas.
     Wyser is anticipated for European and other overseas customers to visit Wyser’s new headquarters after the show. In 2022 Wyser worked on the new headquarters announcement report and produced a promotional video with Fastener World to present the headquarters to the world. The new work environment not only brings comfort for employees but also gives clients a fresh look.
Developing Products is a Lone Trip but It's Where You Could Shine
     Thomas has overcome countless challenges in developing products for clients. Customizing products gives him a lot to tackle, but what he knows for sure is that a hard path like this is less traveled. He’s been cautious about the war, inflation, chip shortage and energy crisis. He uses his strength in customizing to increase market reach and product line. “We hope to meet those who know what we can do. We will take on more challenging products, develop the products with our clients and enjoy achievements with them,” said Thomas.
Contact: President Thomas Kan    
Wyser International
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