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About Company
About Company

Convenient and comfortable one-stop shopping for high-quality Japanese fasteners!

SUNCO Industries Co., Ltd. is one of Japan's leading master distributors specializing in fasteners, and has a tradition and track record of over 70 years with a wide variety of fasteners and related products.

SUNCO can speedily deliver even one fastener made in Japan, which is highly regarded around the world.

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2023-11-03  Free shipping from Japan until 30th November 2023!
2022-05-25  We are SUNCO INDUSTRIES CO., LTD in Japan.

 Thank you for reading our pages.
We are one of the largest distributor specializing fastener's in JAPAN.

 SUNCO has a history, track record of over 70 years with more than 1,200 screw manufacturers in Japan and handle many private brand (PB) products of JIS fasteners.
We are handling 1.4million types of items & shipping 51million items daily.

●There are many advantages as below.
①History over 40 years
We aim to be a company that can be useful to our customers and always try to be close to our customers.

②Handling an enormous amount of screw items
We are handling an enormous amount of screw items, so many customers in Japan depend on us. We establish trust with many customers in Japan.

③JIS standards
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) are the standards used for industrial activities in Japan, coordinated by the Japanese industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and published by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA).
Our items especially JIS standards range wide. We believe we can contribute to increase your item range. As an important thing, we value high quality for fasteners that will meets your demands.

④Speedeily deliver even 1 pcs made in Japan
If you want to buy one screw, you can buy it!
 You can order however many you want with short delivery time.

⑤Good for the environment
 We have many items of good for the environment.

⑥Private brand
 We have private brand of JIS. Our trademark is penguins. There are three penguins. It shows Quality, Quick and Quest. Some of customers in Japan call us “Mr. penguin”.

 If you are looking for JIS fasteners made in Japan, irregular-sized screws, unusual plated screws, fasteners of unusual materials and more, please feel free to contact us.
               We can help you.

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A2 Cap Screw

Cap Screws

Screws in small packs

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JIS B 1111, JIS B 1122, JIS B 1187, JCIS 10-70, JIS B 1176, JIS B 1174, JIS B 1194, JIS B 1177, JIS B 1181, JIS B 1180, JIS B 1189, JIS B 1188
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